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How to fix Needs Maintenance state of a disk slice in SVM

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When a disk slice is in Needs Maintenance state, you need to try re-enabling the disk slice with the metareplace command.

#metastat d6
d6: Mirror
Submirror 0: d16
State: Needs maintenance
Submirror 1: d26
State: Okay
Pass: 1
Read option: roundrobin (default)
Write option: parallel (default)
Size: 143000000 blocks (68 GB)

d16: Submirror of d6
State: Needs maintenance
Invoke: metareplace d6 c1t0d0s6 <new device>
Size: 143200000 blocks (68 GB)
Stripe 0:

Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare
c1t0d0s6 0 No Maintenance Yes

1. First check which filesystem resides on the disk slice.
#df –h
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d6 67G 5.1G 61G 8% /myfs

2. Verify that no user is using files or data of the filesystem. If so, do not use metareplace command on the slice.
#fuser /myfs

3. Run metareplace. It will automatically re-enable the slice on the mirror volume and syncs it with other sub-mirror(s).
#metareplace -e d6 c1t0d0s6

4. Check the sync progress from time to time.
#metastat d6 |grep %
Resync in progress: 60 % done
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Software Powered Roulette

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Online Vegas casinos are among the most popular casinos on the internet. These online games are powered by mainframe machines and are best in terms of speed and user friendliness. The software which is used in these casinos is tested to meet rigorous quality standards and ensures fairness and safety for those using them.

It is tested using the Certified Fair Gambling, or CFG which is a software tester approved by entire UK Gambling commission. It has a reputation of making players comfortable right from the beginning and most users are ready to wager with real money after using it after find out about its ease of use and simplicity. Whether it is online casino or online roulette that you wish to play, you can find a whole range of exciting games to play which will make your time worth spending online while making you an expert at online casinos. There are loads of downloadable games and all are provided with screen shot of how the games look like when you start playing them. More than anything, you’ll be tempted to stay online and play these games since there are several gift, promotions and bonuses which are offered by the casinos which will make you want to keep on playing. So if you are looking for standard casinos online powered by good technology and at the same time exciting, you need to look no further.

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A simple insight into IT services

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Many people think IT is just about writing long pages of code and making applications work. Well, there is more to just IT and IT services. The basic infrastructure starts with a server which is nothing but a powerful computer with much advanced capability than our PCs. The server is run using an Operating System - the two main operating systems being Unix and Windows. The OS forms the vital part of the infrastructure where application hosting is done. The network connectivity is another major factor which cannot be overlooked.

There are several services related to running of a complete business such as the operating system, storage systems, databases and the network with which the whole infrastructure is interconnected. The IT support people are responsible for keeping this infrastruce working 24x7, without any outage. A single fault with a production server could cause a loss of millions of dollars to the company. Imagine the billing system of a company like GM or Bank of America down for one hour. Therefore it is wise to choose a company with proven track record and experience in Infrastructure management which spans over a number of years. IBM and HP still dominate this sector of IT services for so many years now.
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Online Slot Machines

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Slot machines online are replicas slots casino you know, except that the transition to the digital age has given them a makeover.
In fact, one can leave the room noisy casino to enter the virtual world has transformed, has opened a world of fantasy hitherto inaccessible and all for your pleasure!

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Essay Writing Services - Helping Experts With Difficulty In Writing

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When you read an essay and find it a bit obscure, you can be sure it might be out of one of two reasons. One is because, the writer willfully wrote an obscure essay the other is that he was negligent in writing the essay. The people who are good at their field of study mostly do not write very clearly. Men like philosophers, men in science field, and those in fields like technology even, write with a bit of obscurity in their writing. If you read an art essay, you cannot clearly grasp the writer's opinion and often, you'll have to read twice in order to understand their writing.

These are some reasons why many students, who are otherwise excellent in their field of knowledge often seek professional essay writing service to complete their school essays or thesis work. The requirement that these people should adhere to the MLA format essay or other formats depending on their work, only adds to the woes of average writers. Though there are several essay writing services available, you have to be choosy and pick custom essays so that they'll fit into the requirements set by your institution.
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Best Online Casinos for USA players

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Online casinos can be highly entertaining and a fun way to spend your time when it is approached in the right sense. It is highly disgusting that there are several restrictions for US players to play casino games online. But it is a difficult feat to find casino games for usa players. For beginners, who want to know how to play online casino games, I can show a nice place for online casino information.

And there are several difficulties that US players face when using some of these sites. Restriction on the mode of payment and transfer of money are some areas of trouble for these pathetic players. For these players lonelyheartcasino provides a resourceful guide to find safe and trustworthy online gambling websites. It provides recent updates on the different casino sites and the activities that take place in gambling groups

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Enhancing your Career through Online Education

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Students whose classes are held entirely or partially online get, on average, better results than those who attend the same classes, but the traditional way, face to face. "The conclusion of the study was published by U.S. Department of Education, has the merit of clarity. The New York Times does not hesitate to titrate "Education Online beats the classroom." The study is less conclusive and encourages more moderation.
What works best is to use services (video, instant messaging) and tools (collaborative, etc.) available in web-based online classes to customize the course to individuals who attend. The use of technology is thus a way of inviting individuals to be more active, to "learn by doing" rather than listening only.

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Importance of Business Telephone Systems

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Companies worldwide are now rapidly and demand quick access to all data that is only necessary. Need system of communication Communication has become an integral part of any organization, because most companies and organizations have a team as the main strength development. This is particularly important for business information technology and software industry.

When it comes to communication within an organization are the main modes telephone systems and email systems. In a few years of introduction, business telephone systems have become the most important of all large organizations. There are many advantages to implementing a phone system in an organization the most important being the reduction of costs in relation to the use of different processes telephony. Because of this and the ease of communication within a network, telephone systems have become a huge success around the world

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Ways to Ensure Effective Material Handling

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Material handling is a very important aspect of warehouse and factory work, since the transfer of large quantity of materials. Pallet racking can be used to store materials and it involves several types of pallets such as drum pallets, plastic pallets, paper pallets and wooden pallets. With all this activity you will need the pallet handling equipment such as trucks. If you decide to buy a hand pallet truck, you should be aware of how to use and safety procedures to be followed. If you are not aware of the best practises to carry out such complex material handling tasks, it could heavily impact your business due to wastage of effort and manpower.

Industrial racking experts can be approached if you wish to make use of effective material handling techniques in your business. For more options on material handling and effective transportation methods, you could seek the counsel of material handling consultants. More material handling procedures, tips and safety measures can be obtained from Material handling websites online.
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Home Improvement made simple with Replacement Windows

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Many homeowners relegate the replacement of the windows in your home for years because they do not want to spend money on new windows or take the time to complete the installation. While new windows can be very costly, can also save you money on heating and cooling bills and even make the exterior of your home more attractive than before adding value.

Replacing the windows of his house he will not spend much money, because you can do so that is affordable and with the replacement windows you want. With a little maintenance and proper installation, you can extend the life of your new windows, so you do not have to replace them for many years. Windows are changing and becoming more efficient, today there are some great products on the market that are relatively affordable and will provide protection for as long as you want.
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